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ktvu channel 2 news dug up new details on the investigation. ktvu's eric rasmussen spoke with the illegal immigranto driver -- limo driver today. >> reporter: this man told me he worries the victims and the families will blame him for what happened but he said there was little time to act. >> reporter: when his limo burse into flames saturday night the driver said the women who survived climb through an open partition. >> when we pulled over, one lady was already coming through. >> reporter: he unlocked the doors but when someone opened one of them to free the rest it fueled the flames. >> when she opened the door flames went -- you know, they engulfed the car. >> reporter: the driver from san jose told us he doesn't
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know what else he could have done but he worries the families will blame him. >> yeah. yeah. i do, man. something that -- like i said i wish we could have done more. that is why we are trying to reach out to them. i know they are hurting. i am hurting. >> reporter: before this night on the san mateo bridge he already filed paper work to start a charity to help kids out of gangs and now he will be raising money for victims of the fire. >> i know money won't bring back the lives but i have to do something. >> reporter: he believes the cause of the fire was electrical but he says there was no problems when he took it out. he says he is on leave from his job but he is not sure he will ever go back. live on the san mateo bridge, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thet driver says it took 90
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seconds for -- that driv says  it took 90 seconds for flames to engulf the limo. ktvu's rob roth has more. >> reporter: california highway patrol investigators say it will take weeks to determine how the fire started. today the driver of the limo said help did not arrive quickly so we checked. >> the driver says it took 5 minutes to get 911 on the phone. and then he waited and waited for help to arrive. he spoke to cnn. >> it took them 30 minutes to get over the long bridge. i know the san mateo bridge is long. >> the fire department showed the first units arrived within 12 minutes. >> we got there in a timely manner. >> reporter: crews had to go eastbound past the fire. >> there was a turn around that allowed us to turn and come
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back and traffic is always a concern. >> the chp hasn't determined how the fire started, a fire that killed five willen who wouldn't get out, including a -- women who couldn't get out, including a newly wed. >> there will be help from different departments to determine the cause. >> investigators say it was carrying one more passengers than licensed for. >> it is listed with the p.u.c. as for carrying 8 or fewer passengers. >> reporter: the p.u.c. told us it is looking into whether the company misrepresented the seating capacity. if so he could face fines. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we spoke to the public utilities commission today about the safety requirements for limousines and the companies. they are subject to chp inspection physical they carry
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10 passengers or more. and an emergency door is not required. drivers must participate in state drug and alcohol testing programs. companies must carry liability insurance, inspect their vehicles and take part in safety education programs. >> five women were killed in that fire. 31-year-old neriza fojas was the new bride who the group was celebrating with. she worked with her at a medical center in fresno. the names of the other three victims will not be released till tomorrow. four other women were able to escape. here are photos of two of them. today she was upgraded from critical to serious condition. she also remains in the hospital. she remains in critical condition and she was released
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last night from critical condition. >> throughout the day people stopped by the healthcare center to give their condolences. 8 of the women were current or former nurses there. managers say counselors were brought in to help the staff deal with the tragedy. our coverage continues on you can watch the chp update on the investigation just look for the video link on the home page. a mobile home fire killed two adult said and one child. it broke -- adults and one child. it broke out at 1:45 a.m. this morning. this afternoon they identified the two adult said killed. both are 33 years old. the child hasn't been identified yet but neighbors say they lived there with their son. investigators are trying to
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determine what caused a fire in a parking garage at an apartment complex. fire crews arrived at 4:00 a.m. this morning. two cars burned ask several were -- and several were damaged from heat from the flames. >> we get cars that catch on fire after they sit for a while. there are lot of things that can start fires. >> residents went into the garage before firefighters arrived to drive their cars out. governor jerry brown spoke for the first time since filing his prison plan last week with the court. he said the system has undergone a dramatic transformation. the plan reduces the population by 7,000 but that plan still falls 2,300 short of the mandated target. many lawmakers see the governor's plan as a temporary solution. >> the best solution to keeping
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the population stable or reduced is to invest in rehabilitation. >> governor jerry brown said the state -- governor jerry brown said the state spent billions to comply. california attorney general kamala harris praised him during a memorial in sacramento. [ music ] >> his family was there for the peace officers memorial. governor jerry brown was the key note spoker but it was kamala harris who spoke about his duty and sacrifice. >> he served his country for six years in the united states army reserves, even in his death he gave back through organizen donation -- organ donation.
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he gave the gift of life to four people. >> he was shot last september during a traffic stop on interstate 680. new at 6:00 p.m. miami may no longer be a contender to host the super bowl but it is far from a done deal for santa clara. ktvu's patti lee is live. >> reporter: a proposal to the nfl, one of the selling points for the stadium is that it is within walking distance of the convention center. >> new stadium is not enough to convince the nfl to hold a super bowl here in santa clara but bindings with details about security, traffic and sites for special events might. >> i measured the amount of paper work that went to the nfl
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to make their decision. it was 60 inches of stuff. >> reporter: the spokesman says it may appear the stadium is the only one left in the running. last week they denied money for a stadium upgrade in miami. sidelining the dolphins. still he is more cautious that optimistic. >> it is too soon to celebrate. >> that is shared by 49ers fans. >> i think it is bad luck to assume anything. anything that is valuable and visible like this super bowl competition. >> reporter: the possibility of super bowl sized crowds. >> seem said like it is leaning towards the positive direction. >> reporter: there is another deadline approaching on may 21. both teams have 15 minutes to
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present their proposal to the 32 nfl team owners. a decision will be announced that day. reporting live, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in less than an hour the city counsel is set to discuss a development project. the project includes turning peats harbor into 400 residential units. dozens of people living on house boats were evicted to make way for the project. they are expected to consider a recommendation to set aside the permit. the meeting is 7:00 p.m. tonight. we received amazing video. an encounter between orgias and a humpback whale. -- orcas and a humpback whale. that was a humpback whale trumpeting. that is a sound they make when they are stressed. he captured those pictures. he says the orcas were stocking
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the humpback that made the noise to scare them off. apple made it into the top 10 of the fortune 500 list. they released the list of largest american companies with apple at number 6. hewlett- packard fell out of the top 10 to 15 and it posted the biggest lost of all the companies on the list. facebook was number 482. walmart took the top spot. scattered showers lighting up the radar right now. in 7 minutes the chance for more unsettled weather tomorrow. >> but first -- >> a lawsuit. why the city of san francisco is suing the makers of monster energy drink and why they are suing the city. >> and hunting for new leads in the killing of an 8-year-old girl, why the fbi is enlisting the help of dogs from thousands
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the sheriff's department used fbi crime dogs to help find the killer of 8-year-old leila fowler. the dogs were brought in from washington, d.c. they used the unit to search an area around her home. some test results have come in but investigators can't give too many details because they say they don't want to taint the investigation. >> we did get some evidence results back yesterday. it was positive results and one step closer to getting somebody in custody. >> investigators have knocked on 300 doors searching for clues. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. san francisco is waging a
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battle against monster drinks accusing them of targeting children. ktvu's david stevenson is live with more. david? >> reporter: san francisco city attorney says it poses a risk to california kids and he wants changes in how it is made and sold. >> reporter: the city of san francisco and monster beverage are in a legal fight over the drinks are targeting california children. >> it is something that is of great concern. you really do see a link between increased caffeine levels and increased health problems. >> reporter: he filed suit to have the company reduce caffeine levels and end emarketting focuses -- end markets that focuses on young people. [ music ] >> he sites the sponsorship of
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teen athletes. monster sued the city over a probe into the marketing of the drinks. in san francisco today users were surprised by the suit. >> i don't know if they should be involved in it. >> reporter: he says the popularity extends to college students and adles. >> we have a lot -- and adults. >> we have a lot of people that need an energy drink so we sell a lot. >> reporter: the lawsuit seeks civil penalties for what the city calls unfair business practices. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the california supreme court ruled that officials can ban medical marijuana
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dispensaries. the court ruled unanimous in a legal challenge involving riverside. it says the medical marijuana dispensaries can cause crime, congestion and blight. supporters say it will make it more difficult for those who need medical marijuana. more details, hundred 180 cities ban cannabis clubs -- 180 cities ban cannabis clubs. san francisco restricts where clubs can be located and oakland and san jose limit the number of clubs in operation. supporters of medical marijuana protested today the supreme court ruling in sacramento. one of the organizers said the decision is a blow to the
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medical marijuana community because it allows cities to close their doors to safe access for patients. four cities are listed among the top 25 propertiable markets for flipping -- property markets for flipping homes. san jose, san francisco, and santa rosa. and vallejo. the profitability was -- protesters outside pg&e said smart meters are dangerous. they claim the batteries are a fire hazard but according to pg&e that is not true. pg&e says only a few fires are related to the batteries and one was in the pg&e system and all of those fires were related
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to faulty installation. near the delta, antioch, brentwood, showers, thundershowers as well. the last cell in the area is this one year antioch. the motion is stationary. the track says it is going in this direction at 7 miles per hour. a few minutes ago it was going this way. the system is stalled out. the rain is really falling. across 160, reports of very heavy rainfall from folks in the air. thunder and lightning -- in the area. thunder and lightning as well. to the east, these areas here. lightning strikes as well. so very dangerous situation really. last thing you want is lightning this time of year with the fire issues we had with the red flag warning. and heat advisories. there is the system, right init is starting to move. it moves off this way and it
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slowly clarsach. we have a chance -- slowly clears up. we have a chance of thundershowers. right now there is nothing out there other than antioch. if anything pops up we will let you know. right now looking for things to mellow out. the fire danger was high last week. fire danger this week, cooler weather, increased humidities, much lower. air quality is not that great but humidities come up. highs tomorrow, warmer than it was today but not like last week. 90s and record heat. mid-70s. low 70s. upper 60s around the bay and the coolest spots. 73 livermore. tonight tracking the showers. hopefully they die down. tomorrow there is another opportunity in the morning hours, mid-morning hours. light sprinkles and a chance of
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a thundershower. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view clears out. what a big change can from 3-4 days ago. talking heat and heat advisory and air quality issues now thunderstorms east of here. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, continuing coverage of the deadly weekend limo fire on the san mateo bridge and the shock waves it is sending to other companies and jason collins now a headliner for a major political event. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we are just learning about a sink hole that opened up in san francisco. what we know when we come back after this short break. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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sink hole developed in san francisco, not spar from california -- far from california feet. 15 feet wide. it may have been caused by a sewage leak. news chopper 2 is on its way and we will have more details on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. mark is here now, sharks are doing really well. >> the warriors are getting all
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the attention, as well they should and they are great fans too. but the sharks lead their series 3-0 against the canucks. and the problem with the situation with the canucks, well, the last time the sharks had a 3-0 lead they actually let it go to 7 games. there is concern about that last night. he had a couple of goals and an assist and the sharks are looking for their first ever series sweep in the playoffs. >> i heard him say something the fans almost become his legs sometimes because they are so energizing. excited about the game and you ride on that and they get us into the night. so that helps. >> we will bring that attitude, the desperate playoff hockey and we have to and it is another game. got to get this 4th win. >> and that will be tomorrow night. the a's after a nice weekend at
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yankee stadium, took 2-3. in cleveland. he got the sweet spot of the bat. rides it over and out. solo homer. a's trailing because he gave up four solo homers, including this monster by reynolds. look how high it went into the bleachers. that is your score right now. it is the 7th inning. a's trailing 4-2. giants and phillies tonight. warriors just getting underway in san antonio momentsarily. that is the sporting life -- momentarily. that is the sporting life. >> it will be a tough one against the spurs. >> they lost 29 in a row so they are due. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you. tonight at 10:00 p.m., a look at the new healthcare reform act. we will break down the options
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available and help you make since of the choices you need to make. and following breaking news in san francisco. news chopper 2 is on its way to a sink hole there. it may be caused by a sewage line break. it is 15 feet wide. a sink hole at lake and second avenue near california. we have the chopper on the way. more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 and tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you at you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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